With a series of four film screenings in the Nutstuin city garden in The Hague, Het Nutshuis investigates the relationship between people as individuals and the world as a whole. How do we all form part of the same living environment? How can we face major world problems, such as global warming and refugee flows, without feeling personally affected by these issues? Our selection of four investigative, on occasion poetic films – which are all presented as part of a programme covering the issues in more detail – do not provide a definitive answer to these questions, but instead highlight them through their inquisitive, incisive and enriching approach. As well as investigating problems, the films celebrate the wonders of the world, from eye-catching nature to incredible displays of human culture. All this makes the Nutshuis Open Air Film Festival a feast for all the senses – including taste.


The Juni Café will not only serve delicious dishes, but will also tell the story behind these sustainable meals. The Juni chefs will introduce you to the products and missions of four of their suppliers: UrbanFarmers, HaagseZwam, Haagse Eitjes and Instock. These are all inspiring, local initiatives that show how city farming can contribute to a more sustainable food system. Come and enjoy the fair, fresh and surprising dishes! See the world on the silver screen and enjoy The Hague on your plate.


Nutshuis Open Air Film Festival: The World in Our Backyard


4 AUG: Voyage of Time
An epic documentary by a top director about the origin of the universe, life, death and everything in between. With a voice-over by the wonderful Cate Blanchett. Read more and buy your tickets. 


11 AUG: Atlantic.
Breath-taking feature film with elements of documentary about the dreams of a Moroccan fisherman on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Read more and buy your tickets.


18 AUG: Tanna
Anthropological film about an ancient tribe, which has managed to escape globalisation and still lives according to its traditional customs. Read more and buy your tickets.


25 AUG: Samsara
A compelling epic documentary about life on earth, with incredible footage that illustrates the relationship between mankind, nature, religion and technology. Read more and buy your tickets. 


Nutshuis Open Air Film Festival is a collaboration between Het Nutshuis, Juni Café and film distributor Cinemien.