Featuring work by Eithel Coromoto Gregorio and Elske Verdoorn

Eithel is the only man on earth with Proof of a Driving Licence. He is owed an endless supply of dollars and celebrates his birthday every day. When you look more closely, something that first appears incomprehensible and random becomes something poetic. Elske Verdoorn (1986) delves into the life and work of Eithel Coromoto Gregorio.

Elske Verdoorn (1986) is a visual artist. She was struck by the way Eithel shaped both his system and his life. Every detail of his work has its own meaning and represents a vital element of a bigger picture. Cause and objective are so intertwined that it’s hard to know where one starts and the other stops.

Eithel is a well-known figure in The Hague. People see him on the basketball fields or streets, distributing his weekly review between the tall offices and ministerial buildings. But few people know who he is or understand what he does. Through her friendship with Eithel, Elske got an idea of the connection between the dollars, the speed table and all the birthdays, but more importantly she developed a deep admiration for his endless creativity, his discipline and optimism.

Come and discover his world!