september, 2019

29sep11:0013:00Kamera Kulturasun 29 sep | 11am - 1pm | € 15 p.p. (incl. brunch)Genre:Brunch,Discussion,Music,TalkshowTickets € 15 p.p. (incl. brunch)

Host Jellie Brouwer - Foto door Harmen de Jong

Kamera Kultura: an inspirational discussions, exciting performances, a delicious fresh brunch at Juni Café and a committed presenter: Jellie Brouwer (from NTR Kunststof).

In a song about emotions and loneliness, Brigitte Kaandorp sings (translated into English) “When autumn comes upon you. When summer fades away.” On the second Sunday of autumn 2019, there will be a talk about loneliness with Anja Machielse, professor of ‘Empowerment of vulnerable older adults’ at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht. What do people need in order to grow old ‘well’ and how can we stimulate the social inclusion of vulnerable senior citizens in society? These are the questions that Anja Machielse is addressing in her research. The interview for Kamera Kultura dovetails nicely with our Solo&Happy?! exhibition.

The first week of October at Het Nutshuis revolves around food waste, as this is when the All About Food Festival takes place. In the run-up to this four-day festival, Jellie will talk to one of the entrepreneurs from Verspilling is Verrukkelijk, a platform that showcases a more positive approach to food waste. The entrepreneurs who work with Verspilling is Verrukkelijk develop tasty,  appealing products from food that would otherwise have been thrown in the garbage bin, fermented or processed to make animal fodder. Take soup made from wonky vegetables, for example, beer made from stale bread or soap made from orange peel.

Melodious, mysterious and sexy. These words are often used to describe KAT SKILLS, a Hague-based duo consisting of singer-songwriter Delouise and producer and multi-instrumentalist Ingmar Spaaij. Their debut single ‘Gold’ was warmly received last year, including by Apple Music, which added it to various playlists, and 3voor12. “The gravelly voice of the singer blends beautifully with the sinister 1980s beats,” wrote music journalist Eric Hoetjes. “The perfect number for a Sunday morning.” What more could you wish for with Kamera Kultura?

Seeing and being seen, shame, discomfort, limits, and sexuality. These are the themes Jante Wortel (1996) prefers to write about. The young writer was a winner of the Kunstbende in 2015, winner of the Drentse talentprijs in 2016, and got her degree in Creative Writing from ArtEZ in 2017. Jante is being presented by her publishers Das Mag as a ‘super talent’, and is currently working on her debut novel. In Kamera Kultura she’ll recite her own short story.


sunday 29 september 11:00 - sunday 29 september 13:00