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03mei18:0022:00TransitieCinema: Soyalismfriday 26 april | dinner 6pm | movie starts 7.30pmCategorie:GuestDiner € 12,50 p.p.

Soyalism film Nutshuis TransitieCinema

In a world struck by climate change and overpopulation, food production control is increasingly becoming a huge business for a handful of giant corporations. Following the industrial production chain of pork and the related soybean monoculture, from China to Brazil through the United States and Mozambique, the documentary describes the enormous concentration of power in the hands of these Western and Chinese companies. This movement is putting out of business hundreds of thousands of small producers and transforming permanently entire landscapes. Launched in United States at the end of the Seventies, the system has been exported across the world, especially in large-populated countries such as China. From waste-lagoons in North Carolina to soybeans monoculture developed in the Amazon rainforest to feed animals, the movie describes how the expansion of this process is jeopardizing the social and environmental balance of the planet.
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TransitieCinema is a monthly documentary event organized by volunteers. Movies about sustainability and transition are screened in Het Nutshuis. Information about the film will follow soon on this page. As follow-up to the movie there is further discussion with the audience about the topic and its relevance for The Hague. E.g. by a Q&A with experts or a workshop. Admission is free.

The evening starts at 18.00 with a vegan sustainable dinner by Cafe Juni (optional). At 19.30 the movie screening starts (and the doors will be closed). After the movie there is room for further conversation with a drink. The event is in English, but Dutch subtitles are included if available.

You can support and sponsor TransitieCinema through donation. Or co-operate as organization with us to highlight a relevant topic through a movie. For more details please check the TransitieCinema website.


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