augustus, 2019

10aug21:4523:00Open Air Film Festival: The Biggest Little Farmsaturday 10 august | dinner starts 19.30 | film starts 21.45Categorie:Garden,MovieTemporarily sold out

The Biggest Little Farm Nutstuin Open Air filmfestival Het Nutshuis

Please note: we’ll show the film inside when it rains and/or storms. In that case fewer tickets are available. Given the current weather forecasts The Biggest Little Farm is therefore sold out at the moment. On the day of the screening we will decide at 4pm whether we’ll show outside or inside. From that time on you’ll see on this page whether or not additional tickets are available. Of course we hope the screening will continue in the garden!

Dinner starts: 19.30 (doors open at 19.00)
Film starts: 21.45
Admission: € 28 (dinner, drink & film), € 10 (just film)

“Mother nature has never been so inspiring. Go and watch this film, on the biggest screen you can.” This review appeared in the American press in response to the film The Biggest Little Farm. You don’t need to worry about the size of the screen. The Nutshuis garden is the perfect film setting for this ode to the beauty and power of nature. Eight years ago, the American film maker John Chester and his wife Molly abandoned their jobs and urban life to live their dream. The couple transformed a piece of barren land just outside Los Angeles into a unique farm with a thriving, self-regulating ecosystem and hordes of woolly, hairy, clucking, grunting and flying residents.

USA, 2018 | Director: John Chester | 92 minutes | ENG spoken, NL subtitles

About the Nutshuis Open Air Film Festival
Sultry temperatures, fresh, exciting meals created by Juni Café, beanbags to sit on while your food goes down and a film projected onto a huge outdoor screen. What better way to spend a warm summer evening? On the last Saturday in July and all five Saturdays in August, the Nutshuis garden will be transformed into a cosy open air cinema to host the popular annual Nutshuis Open Air Film Festival.

Our summer exhibition Urban bugs, which shines the spotlight on the insects that are essential to healthy urban life, was an important source of inspiration for the films we selected this year. But it is not only our bee and butterfly populations that are under threat; so much more is in danger of disappearing in today’s world. For example: being a shepherd, the rich variety of seeds, minority languages from all around the world. These films are the result of passionate people enthusiastically trying to turn the tide – sometimes meeting with success, sometimes with failure.

Approaching the theme from a culinary angle, Juni Café will treat its guests to a weekly variation of a dish that used to be a monotonous feature of any party or event: jazzed-up potato salad. The generous buffet dinners in the garden are a tried, tested and far-from-boring formula. Before the Open Air screenings, guests can come and enjoy hot and cold dishes and a richly filled salad bar.

Nutshuis Open Air Film Festival is a collaboration between Het Nutshuis, Juni Café, Movies that Matter and Cinemien.

Buy your ticket online using the ticket button on this page, or get it at the reception desk at Het Nutshuis (only debit card payments). 


zaterdag 10 augustus 21:45 - zaterdag 10 augustus 23:00