maart, 2019

31mrt11:0013:00Kamera Kultura: make yourself heardsunday 31 march 11pm - 1pmCategorie:TalkshowTickets € 15 p.p.

Ibu Taswi, photographer Suzanne Liem

Please note: Dutch will be the main language during this programme, unless international guests are being interviewed.

What better way to end March than with Kamera Kultura in Het Nutshuis? Inspirational discussions, exciting performances, a delicious fresh brunch at Juni Café and a committed presenter: Jellie Brouwer (from NTR Kunststof).

Why didn’t the Netherlands step in to help earlier? This is the question that immediately springs to mind on hearing about the ‘widows of Rawagede’ court case. On 9 December 1947, Dutch soldiers executed 431 men in the village of Rawagede on West-Java. The Netherlands then spent decades trying to cover up the incident. This lasted until 2009, when a group of elderly widows pressed charges against the Dutch State. Photographer Suzanne Liem shot portraits of the women involved in the litigation, who eventually won their case and gave widows from Sulawesi the courage to seek justice too. Her work is part of the Indo, Indië, Indonesië: Through the eyes of generation NOW exhibition, which will run in Het Nutshuis until 6 May. Jellie will talk to Suzanne about this project and her latest plans.

Clear, direct, targeting the audience: in your face. These terms most definitely apply to the Spoken Word genre. “I think we can well and truly dispense with the notion that young people want nothing to do with literature”. This is according to Babs Gons, the ‘grand lady’ of the Spoken Word. The writer, performer and theatre maker from Amsterdam is appearing on stages at home and abroad to bring the stories she writes to life. On the last day of March, she will stun the Kamera Kultura audience with this genuinely authentic presentation.

While the Dutch police deploy high-speed Audis to chase criminals and tackle crime, Audi manufacturers are being prosecuted for large-scale fraud in several different countries. How does this affect public confidence in a just and honest government? “People’s willingness to obey the rules is largely determined by the degree to which they consider the government and its policies to be legitimate.” These are the words of Marnix Eysink Smeets, director of the LEV (a national expertise group on the public perception of security). Jellie will talk to Marnix about the undermining of the Dutch legal system.

The music for this edition comes from two passionate men, who excel on the accordion and guitar: the Jolly Mangos. Sander Kuin and Coen Gulcher have been blazing their musical trail through several countries, from Italy to Colombia. Wherever they go, they try their hand at local music. As a result, their repertoire features influences from throughout the world. We could try to describe their infectious sound, but it´s much better to listen for yourself. Which is exactly what you can do by watching the documentary Bon Ami and, of course, coming to Het Nutshuis on 31 March!


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