juni, 2019

30jun11:0013:00Kamera Kultura in the Nutshuis gardensunday 30 June - 11am - 1pmCategorie:Garden,TalkshowTickets € 15 p.p.

Kamera Kultura in the Nutshuis garden 2019

Kamera Kultura concludes the season in its traditional style; in the sunny Nutshuis garden! Against the backdrop of the Urban bugs exhibition, Jellie Brouwer will welcome committed guests, a talented writer and two passionate musicians. And Juni Café will serve a freshly made brunch ‘al fresco’.

The bee population is sadly in decline. More than half of the 358 species of bees that used to inhabit the Netherlands is now threatened with extinction. These insects are on the ‘Red List’ of the most endangered species. The main causes are the loss of natural environment and the use of pesticides in intensive farming. These developments mean that we urgently need to find an alternative environment for bees to live in: our towns and cities. The Hague-based bee-keeper Bart Barten is doing all he can. He will talk to Jellie about urban bee colonies and the essential role that these tiny pollinators play.

A chapbook to a writer is like an EP to a musician: a first version of the final product. Last year, Marjolein Takman produced a chapbook entitled Jachtseizoen. One of themes this young author tackles is the potential (and constraints) of contact. To Marjolein, writing is the perfect medium for exploring the relationships that exist between people. How can you bridge the gap between you and someone else? Come and listen to Marjolein’s column in the garden of het Nutshuis.

What is the best way to welcome the summer? South-American music of course! Leave that to Humberto Albores and PrisciLa Musica. He is from Mexico, she is from Argentina. Together they form Duo Guitar Latino, an act guaranteed to get the audience in garden tapping their feet to rhythmic sounds from Brazil, Cuba and America.


zondag 30 juni 11:00 - zondag 30 juni 13:00