november, 2019

24nov11:0013:30Kamera KulturaSun 24 Nov | 11 am - 1.30 PM | € 15 p.p. (incl. brunch)Genre:Brunch,Discussion,MusicTickets € 15 p.p. (incl. brunch)

Melle de Boer

Sunday 24 November marks the end of our monthly Kamera Kultura programme. Every last Sunday of the month for the last ten years, we’ve been host to guests with a vast array of interests, areas of expertise and talents. From passionate scientists and engaged innovators to up-and-coming writers and musicians (most of whom later found fame and fortune).

Although the guests and topics have been hugely diverse, they have always had one thing in common: they exude passion and inspiration. In order to maintain this thread in our very last edition, we will sign off with the help of an essential part of the entire programme: our regular audience. Or, if we want to be sentimental about it (and why on earth not?): the Kamera Kultura family.

So the programme for the final edition will feature as many ‘finest moments’ as possible. Alongside contributions from staff and regular guests – including presenter Jellie Brouwer, producer Ida van Esch, programme maker Mirjam Zweers, musician Melle de Boer and writer Helena Hoogenkamp – we are presenting a poignant procession of contributions from our audience. Songs, film clips and visual artwork that will touch you to the core. Magical places on the opposite side of the world, or that special bench under the apple tree in a garden in The Hague. Come and be amazed by all the wonderful, and delicious, things on offer on this very special day. The final edition obviously wouldn’t be complete without a delicious, freshly made brunch at Juni.


sunday 24 november 11:00 - sunday 24 november 13:30