december, 2018

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As from 18 December, the exhibition currently running in Het Nutshuis, My Human Rights Hero, was expanded to include the annual exhibition of work by four final-year students from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. This year’s students are: Indra Gleizde, Caspar von Eugen, Daniela Rosca and Jill Verweijen. The promising photographers all drew inspiration from the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Indra Gleizde was moved by the self-awareness of many human rights activists. The humility of iconic human rights activists stands out particularly in current times, when so many of us are more concerned with polishing up our image. What makes these people so different and special? Indra’s audio-visual installation Only a human invites visitors to search for humility in their own character.

Significant events are often concluded and announced to the world by means of a simple gesture: the handshake. The way someone shakes hands often says something about that person’s nature. President Trump’s infamous handshakes are seen as an instrument for intimidating people, a show of power, while Nelson Mandela used the handshake as a symbol of reconciliation and in some cases, a sign of victory. In his project Shake up, Shake down, Caspar von Eugen analyses the ins and outs of the handshake.

The UN and the FBI estimate that throughout the world, over 750,000 people make active use of websites on which children are sexually abused. Daniela Rosca shows that although technological progress is undoubtedly facilitating this horror scenario, it may also be the key to resolving it. In her multimedia, three-dimensional installation Host – Router – Router – Host, Daniela explores the use of digital resources in the fight for human rights. One of the tools that has been developed is a virtually created boy, that can help to identify offenders.

Many of the prestigious professions that used to be dominated by men are rapidly being taken over by women. The funeral business is a fascinating example. An estimated eighty to ninety percent of all new undertakers and funeral directors are women. Thanks to this development, the character and tone of funerals is changing: they have become more personal with more room for creativity and rituals. Jill Verweijen drew inspiration from these female pallbearers for her video about the power and growing influence of women.


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