september, 2018


What do you do if you find yourself surrounded by water? If your street, home, belongings, yourself and your loved ones are literally no longer to keep your heads above water? This is the key question in two multimedia installations that may not initially strike a chord, but which do actually concern us all if we bother to stop and think. Where will we go? was created by photo journalist Kadir van Lohuizen, and The Waterland by social designer and photographer Hugo Schuitemaker.

During Hoogtij social designer and photographer Hugo Schuitemaker will hold ‘consultation hours’ from 19.00 till 23.00. You can visit him to learn more about the height of the water in your house and what you should do to be prepared.

In the vault will screen Kadir van Lohuizen’s choice, a surprise film. He will introduce the film via a digital connection at 20.30.

Photo: Hugo Schuitemaker


vrijdag 28 september 19:00