maart, 2019

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Hoogtij The Seen and Unseen

Special guest from Jakarta: Irwan Ahmett
In our exhibition Indo, Indië, Indonesië: Indonesia through the eyes of generation NOW five makers from the Netherlands and Indonesia highlight the legacy inherited from the colonial period. It is a legacy that is still very much in evidence today. One of these makers, visual artist Irwan Ahmett, is coming to The Hague from Jakarta specially for the occasion. Come and join Irwan on one of three guided tours he is giving during Hoogtij! Let him transport you into a world of myths, rituals and ghosts, which is still alive and kicking in Indonesian society today.

Watch the film The Seen and Unseen
The power of the invisible does not only resound in Irwan’s multimedia installation, but also in our intimate Film Vault where we will be holding two screenings of The Seen and Unseen (2018, Kamila Andini). This Indonesian film is about ten-year old twins, a brother and a sister, and what happens when the brother becomes terminally ill. Viewers are forced to take off their western glasses and abandon all logic. Watch a trailer of the film here.

Exhibition open all evening
As always, the exhibition in Het Nutshuis will be open until late in the evening for the duration of Hoogtij. In addition to the installation by Irwan Ahmett, the exhibition features documentary work by two photographers and a journalist/podcast maker. Eric Kampherbeek documented the vestiges of a colonial past during his bike trip along the Grote Postweg on Java. Suzanne Liem took harrowing portraits of the ‘widows of Rawagede’, a group of elderly women who lost their husbands in 1947 in a bloodbath perpetrated by Dutch soldiers. In 2009, they successfully pressed charges against the Dutch State. Journalist Lara Nuberg stayed closer to home, in and around The Hague, making short audio stories in which five people talk openly about what it means to be Indonesian in Netherlands.

Guided tours by Irwan Ahmett: 20.00, 21.00 and 22.00
Screenings of the film The Seen and Unseen (83 min.): 19.30 and 21.30

Language of the tours is English. The Indonesian film is subtitled in English.


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