april, 2019

18apr20:0022:00Walk & Talk: An open discussion with generation NOWthursday 18 april 8pmCategorie:Talkshow,WorkshopTickets € 7,50 p.p. (incl. Indonesische lekkernij)

Generation NOW - photographer Eric Kampherbeek

Please note: the language of this programme is Dutch.

How do we view our colonial past? To some people, this is a highly intimate, personal question, which is intertwined with a complex family history. Others, with different roots, feel a sense of recognition. And another group has distanced itself from the past, but lives in a country with a history that is far more painful than the Dutch school history books would ever admit. One thing is certain: it’s a question that affects everyone.

We’re interested in what you have to say! Together with the Indisch Herinneringscentrum (Indonesian Commemoration Centre) and the Migration Museum, Het Nutshuis has organised an interactive evening at which we will conduct an open discussion in search of answers and personal accounts. The Indo, Indië, Indonesië: through the eyes of generation NOW exhibition serves as the starting point for this discussion evening. The evening consists of three parts:

Makers take the floor
What are the makers trying to say about our colonial past in the work they produced for this exhibition? You will hear from photographers Eric Kampherbeek and Suzanne Liem, and historian and writer Lara Nuberg. The fourth maker, the Indonesian visual artist Irwan Ahmett, will be at home in Jakarta on 18 April, but will answer questions via a video link.

Walk: zoom in on one piece of work
The audience will be divided into three groups. Discussion hosts Suzanne Rastovac (Indisch Herinneringscentrum), Maria Lamslag (Migration Museum) and Lara Nuberg (maker of the audio installation The Red White Blue House, which is not part of this ‘Walk’ for practical reasons) will zoom in on one piece of work from the exhibition with their group. What do they think that the maker is trying to say about the colonial past, and what is he/she not saying? Come and join in the discussion!

Talk: makers and audience in debate
After the ‘Walk’ and a short break, the three groups will reconvene for the ‘Talk’. The group leaders will give a brief rundown of their group’s findings, ask for reactions from the makers and invite members of the audience to share their unique observations.

Photo by Eric Kampherbeek


donderdag 18 april 20:00 - donderdag 18 april 22:00