mei, 2019

29mei14:0015:00Children’s Urban Bugs workshop: A visit to the beekeeper - 29 Maywednesday 29 May - 2-3 pmCategorie:WorkshopTickets € 5 per kind, begeleider gratis

Children’s Urban Bugs workshop: A visit to the beekeeper

Isabelle Hylkema and Ad de Rooij know all there is to know about bees. These passionate urban beekeepers will show children between the ages of six and twelve the basics of beekeeping in the Nutshuis garden. Which colonies live in the garden? Are they friendly? (Yes!) How do they dance, how do they pollinate the flowers? How do they make honey? What would happen in a world without bees? Come and discover, investigate, play and taste at this hands-on workshop!

Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


woensdag 29 mei 14:00 - woensdag 29 mei 15:00