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03okt20:0022:00All About Food Festival: Change of WasteThur 3 October | 8pm | Tickets € 7.50 p.p. (including three ‘waste’ tastes)Categorie:FestivalTickets € 7.50 p.p. (including three ‘waste’ tastes)

All About Food Festival Het Nutshuis Den Haag

“Residents of The Hague only collect ten kilos of organic waste.” This headline in last year’s newspapers probably  went straight into the bin along with all the vegetable and fruit peelings it was referring to. Outside The Hague however, the average volume collected by the Dutch is 86 kilos per head. High time for The Hague to do something about it! On Thursday 3 October, policy-makers and innovators from The Hague will come to Het Nutshuis to pitch their productive plans and try to encourage you to be more aware of how you deal with organic waste. There will also be plenty to taste between the nutritious tips, stories and films.

Change of Waste programme
TU Master’s students Rombout Huisman
and Cis Huinink, assisted by four of their fellow-students, examined the best ways of sorting organic waste from other household waste in urban areas. They carried out research in Leiden, commissioned by the Leiden municipal authorities. They will share their findings and tips with The Hague as a source of inspiration.

But to what extent does The Hague share Leiden’s ambitions, which tips from the TU research will the municipality listen to and what is currently being done? A member of the household waste project team from the municipality of The Hague is coming to answer these questions.

The municipality will present its current sorting and recycling practices in the films being screened in the Refuse Cinema. This tongue-in-cheek cinema – a container on wheels fitted with a screen and wheelie bins with built-in speakers – will be open on 3 October in Het Nutshuis.

The role of the municipality is obviously essential. But citizens can also do their bit to help create a circular city. Mark van Duijn, Kitty Hinkenkemper and Menno Swaak will show you how. Mark van Duijn, one of the top-100 Sustainable Entrepreneurs, set up his Taste for Green initiative as a means of contributing to a greener city. In ‘Change of Waste’, he will treat his audience to a speed workshop in Bokashi, a technique used for fermenting kitchen waste. Kitty Hinkenkemper (The Hague in Transition) and Menno Swaak (Permaculture The Hague) will demonstrate the incredible effect of worm compost and worm hotels, and show you how to set them up yourself at home.

Fermentation techniques can result in delicious food. Between the nutritious stories and inspiring tips, Juni Café will serve the public Kimchi snacks and a fermented drink made by Instock. While on the subject of circularity and food, let’s not forget the Haagse Zwam (a local toadstool). Annelies Goedbloed will tell visitors about the products she successfully cultures on coffee grounds as they tuck into tasty Hague Zwam mini-rissoles.

Buy your tickets for Change of Waste via the ticket button on this page or at the front desk of Het Nutshuis. More information about the guests will follow shortly. Dutch will be spoken throughout the programme.

All About Food Festival
People in the Netherlands throw away an average of fifty kilos of food per person every year. This makes the Dutch the biggest food-wasters in the world. Although everyone would agree that this needs to change, the problem does not only lie with consumers. Huge amounts of food are wasted at every stage of the process, from cultivation and growth through to organic waste disposal.

In the first week of October, the All About Food Festival in Het Nutshuis will revolve around food waste. We will hear from various sustainable and socially-minded entrepreneurs and pioneers from The Hague, all of whom are doing their best to turn the tide. The film screen features people who are spending six months living on food waste. In the garden, children will go on a voyage of discovery, collecting stamps on their cards along the way. And we will serve ‘rescue recipes’ for you to try at blind tasting sessions. Fancy talking, watching, thinking and eating with us?

The All About Food Festival is a cooperation between Het Nutshuis, Juni Café, Impact Kitchen, Duurzaam Den Haag, TransitieCinema and Conscious Kitchen.


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