Cookie Statement

What are cookies?
Cookies are tiny text files that your browser stores on your computer at the request of a website. Your browser will return the content of the cookie every time you re-visit that website. In this way, websites are able to store data belonging to your browser and your visit. A cookie can contain the content of your shopping basket in a web shop, for example, or data that shows that you are logged into your webmail. Every time you visit a new page, the cookie tells the site what you are ordering or whether you are already logged in. Cookies can also be used to recognise your browser and your visit, to analyse how people navigate around a site, for example. All these cookies are anonymous.

How does Het Nutshuis use cookies?
Het Nutshuis uses ‘analysis cookies’. These are cookies that allow us to analyse visits to our own website. We do not follow people individually, the cookies are totally anonymous. They enable us to understand how people use our site. Can you find what you are looking for? Or do have to click repeatedly between pages before you find the right one? This information helps us to optimise our website.

Google Analytics
Het Nutshuis uses Google Analytics to analyse the visitor statistics for its website. A piece of Javascript code is added to every page to be analysed, which reads and collects data relating to your visit and your browser. For example, which page you visit, which browser you use and which version of that browser. The data is collected for every visit to these pages and sent to Google Analytics. This happens anonymously. The information thus generated gives us more insight into the pages that people are visiting.

Twitter and Facebook
The website also provides buttons to allow visitors to share pages on social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. These social media buttons use cookies from third parties (Twitter and Facebook). The cookies are only activated if you click the links.

The law on cookies
On 5 June 2012, the ‘cookie wall’ was introduced. Article 11.7a of the Netherlands Telecommunications Act states that Dutch websites must inform visitors clearly about their use cookies.