People in the Netherlands throw away an average of fifty kilos of food per person every year. This makes the Dutch the biggest food-wasters in the world. Although everyone would agree that this needs to change, the problem does not only lie with consumers. Huge amounts of food are wasted at every stage of the process, from cultivation and growth through to organic waste disposal.

In the first week of October, the All About Food Festival in Het Nutshuis will revolve around food waste. We will hear from various sustainable and socially-minded entrepreneurs and pioneers from The Hague, all of whom are doing their best to turn the tide. The film screen features people who are spending six months living on food waste. In the garden, children will go on a voyage of discovery, collecting stamps on their cards along the way. And we will serve ‘rescue recipes’ for you to try at blind tasting sessions. Fancy talking, watching, thinking and eating with us?


All About Food for Kids
Wednesday 2 oktober
1.30 – 5pm
Somewhere in the distance you can hear the bicycle bell tinkling and Anita the hen clucking: Recycle Man is on his way! He’ll park his magical constructions in the garden of Het Nutshuis for a whole afternoon, so that children can enjoy his colourful, funny show about a world where everything is recycled. But there’s more going at All About Food for Kids. 

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Taste of Waste
Wednesday 2 oktober
6.30 – 9.30pm
You have cafés that only use local and sustainable produce, podiums where you hear inspirational stories about food and initiatives designed to raise your awareness of good honest food in a playful, natural way. But a mix of all three is unique. And this is exactly what you’ll find at Juni Café and Impact Kitchen.

Taste of Waste is an evening-long dinner with blind tastings, ‘rescue recipes’, and a plateful of stories.

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Change of Waste
Thursday 3 oktober
8 – 10pm
“Residents of The Hague only separate ten kilos of organic waste.” This headline appeared in a newspaper last year, which people probably then used to wrap the vegetable and fruit peelings before throwing them away. Although separating organic waste is essential to a circular society , it’s not exactly a subject that makes you leap onto your bike and pedal your way to Het Nutshuis. But how about if you could see the amazing way that worm hotels and Bokashi composting work, right in front of your eyes?

In Change of Waste, pioneers and policy-makers from The Hague join forces in pitching their productive plans to inspire you to make more conscious decisions about dealing with organic waste.

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Friday 4 oktober
6 – 10pm
A vegan meal at Juni Café, a salient documentary and a Q&A session with special guests. This is the tried-and-tested Transition Cinema concept, which we have also organised for visitors to the All About Food Festival.

In the film Just Eat it: A Food Waste Story (2014), the Canadian filmmaker-duo Rustemeyer and Baldwin spend six months eating food that would otherwise have been thrown away – including the shocking (and graphically depicted) insights they acquire.

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Breakfast with neighbours
Saturday 5 oktober
9.30 – 11pm
As a fitting end to the All About Food Festival, we are organising breakfast with the neighbours on Saturday 5 October. If the weather is favourable, we will eat in our lovely Nutshuis garden. If not, we will hold the event in the grand banking hall. You don’t have to live around the corner from Het Nutshuis to feel like a neighbour; anyone who wants to combat food waste, would enjoy meeting impassioned fellow-locals and is receptive to tips about being more aware of food and food waste, is welcome to join our free communal breakfast at 9.30 in the morning.

There are no more tickets available.

The All About Food Festival is a cooperation between Het Nutshuis, Juni Café, Impact Kitchen, Duurzaam Den Haag, TransitieCinema and Conscious Kitchen.