Organisations working from within Het Nutshuis

From Juni Café down in the basement to Duurzaam Den Haag up in the eaves: Het Nutshuis is home to ten social organisations.

Duurzaam Den Haag

Duurzaam Den Haag believes that people are the driving force behind the sustainability movement in The Hague. The foundation tries to rouse residents of The Hague into action by organising events, running campaigns and pushing its own products.

European Center for Non-for-Profit Law

The European Center for Non-for-Profit Law (ECNL) advocates a fair legal and fiscal environment for non-profit organisations in Europe and Asia. Experts from ECNL have already had a positive impact on over sixty policy measures and laws.

European Climate Foundation

Together with hundreds of partner organisations, the European Climate Foundation (ECF) leads the way in a global movement to protect the planet for future generations. The ECF supports the climate community with the power of effective philanthropy.

Human Security Collective

The Human Security Collective (HSC) is working to create a safe world, in which people can live without fear. The foundation aims to involve communities in decisions relating to safety and security issues and facilitates dialogue between citizens and policy makers.

Juni Lekkernijen

The Juni chefs working in the basement prepare freshly made cakes, pastries, breakfasts and lunch buffets. The staff working in the office of Juni Café, which is also based in Het Nutshuis, work on the catering plans, purchasing, rotas and everything else involved in running a thriving café and catering business.

Justice and Peace Nederland

Justice and Peace supports change makers (people and organisations dedicated to bringing about concrete, positive changes in their environment) who focus on two specific issues: the rights of refugees and the protection of human rights activists.

Kinder- en Jongeren Rechtswinkel Den Haag

The Kinder- en Jongeren Rechtswinkel Den Haag (The Hague Legal Advice Centre for Children and Young Adults) was set up to help children and young adults with questions about their rights. The organisation provides free, anonymous advice on countless legal problems faced by many young people today.

Netherlands Helsinki Committee

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee is working to improve government policy affecting vulnerable or deprived groups in all European and Central Asian countries belonging to the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).


The VakantiePas is offered before the long summer holiday to all children between four and twelve years of age who attend school in The Hague, Leiden, Leiderdorp, Oegstgeest or Voorschoten. The booklet gives children discount on a whole range of fun, sporty, creative and cultural activities.


“The starting point for a pleasant retirement.” This is the sentence that welcomes visitors to Woonz, the online platform for senior citizens looking for a new home. Woonz provides information about homes for senior citizens, with and without care packages, and a range of services and products for the home situation.