Fonds 1818

Het Nutshuis is an initiative of Fonds 1818.

From Nutsspaarbank to Nutshuis

The Hague Nutsspaarbank was founded in 1818 as a bank for the common man; small savers. Up until 1963, when all the public facilities were moved to new offices on Jan Hendrikstraat, customers simply came to the main banking hall with their money and savings book. The Nutsspaarbank evolved from the Maatschappij tot Nut van het Algemeen, a 19th-century organisation set up to support the ‘development and elevation of the common man’.
’t Nut founded Nuts schools, Nuts health services and housing corporations, Nuts libraries and the Nuts savings banks. The bank operated as a non-profit institution, with any profits being donated to social and educational projects.

In 1996, the Nutsspaarbank amalgamated with the VSB Bank, currently Fortis, and moved out of the building in 2002. The Stichting Nutsspaarbank  ’s Gravenhage was the upshot of the amalgamation, and this bank became responsible for managing the proceeds of the shares. In 2001, it changed its name to Fonds 1818, the organisation that is today still responsible for assigning the capital to social projects in region of The Hague in the spirit of ’t Nut. Fonds 1818 is now the owner of Het Nutshuis as legal successor to the original bank.

In 2002, Fonds 1818 decided to give the building a new social function as a podium for the city of The Hague. After extensive renovations, the building reopened its doors as het Nutshuis in 2006.

This year, it is exactly 200 years since the Haagse Nutsspaarbank was founded. A 200-year history, brimming with remarkable stories. They include the foundation of Fonds 1818, which celebrates its own 25th anniversary. You can read the stories (in Dutch) here.