About Het Nutshuis

Het Nutshuis is an independent podium for art, culture and society. Programmes are compiled with a particular emphasis on the backgrounds to, and diverse perspectives of, current social issues. Het Nutshuis also offers performance artists opportunities to develop their talents in visual art and music.

Het Nutshuis is continuing the ideology of Het Nut, a 19th-century citizens’ initiative that supported the ’development and elevation of the common man’.  Improving the social position of the lower classes was an important part of this ambition. Not just in the socio-economic sense, but also in cultural terms. Het Nutshuis is still committed to the basis of this ideology, offering people the tools and knowledge that will help them to find their feet in an ever-changing urban environment. In Het Nutshuis, the public and art-makers have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and experiment with boundaries.

Every week, the rooms in Het Nutshuis are arranged for the various debates, seminars, talk-shows, film programmes and experimental sound and visual art performances that take place there. The programmes are compiled with a view to exploring the details and background to social issues, and their effect on art and culture from the perspective of society. In addition to these programmes, ongoing photo exhibitions, the café and the garden in Het Nutshuis are open to the public (free of charge) on weekdays from 11.00 to 16.00. Visitors are welcome to use the free Wi-Fi network during their visit.

Het Nutshuis can be hired for external events. The building comprises five stylish rooms and a beautiful garden, all of which are suitable for seminars and meetings, as well as informal lunches, dinners or drinks parties.

Eleven cultural social organisations have also based their head offices in Het Nutshuis.

Het Nutshuis provides a podium for programmes compiled by the non-profit organisations based in the offices of the building, and for programmes made by third parties. Lectures and debates are organised regularly and the monumental Banking Hall is the venue for a whole range of festivals.

Het Nutshuis is owned by Fonds 1818. Both organisations originate from the Maatschappij tot Nut van ‘t Algemeen. When the Nutsspaarbank amalgamated with the VSB Bank, a sum of capital was paid out in shares to the Stichting Nutsspaarbank ’s-Gravenhage. The proceeds from the shares was intended for social projects in the region of The Hague, thereby upholding the spirit of ’t Nut, and so the foundation changed its name to Stichting VSB Fonds Den Haag en omstreken. In 2001, the name changed again, this time to Fonds 1818. Fonds 1818 is now the current owner of Het Nutshuis as legal successor to the original bank.