Foto: Marina Richter

Vr 5 sep t/m vr 31 okt

Foto Expo: Close

The 11 artists from the Close exhibition focus on subjects and inspiration close to their hearts: relationships, family, personal observations and themselves. They use photography, video and collages to give us an intimate glimpse of their own inner circles.
A mobile library with a wide range of titles relating to the theme has been set up especially for this exhibition.

During the evenings, the pictures and videos from the exhibition will be on view from the street in the ‘Acte de présence’ art room, Jan Hendrikstraat 17 (around the corner from het Nutshuis).
Artists: Florian Braakman (the Netherlands), Katrien de Blauwer (Belgium), Geraldine Kang (Singapore), Iztok Klančar (the Netherlands), Sarah Eechaut (Belgium), Colin Gray (Great Britain), Marina Richter (Germany), Bruno Roels (Belgium), Lina Scheynius (Sweden), Zhe Chen (China), Isabelle Wenzel (Germany).
Florian Braakman (the Netherlands) met a girl during the Arles photo festival. By the next day, they were inseparable. They had a brief romantic rendezvous in Amsterdam, but after she left for Sao Paolo, he decided that the distance between them made love impossible. In a breath-taking photo essay, Braakman escorts his viewers into his world of longing; a world in which he sees the girl, and the love that was not to be, reflected in everything around him.
Katrien de Blauwer (Belgium) uses collages to tell a very personal tale. Combining the images she finds to discover new meanings and associations helps her along her own path to fulfilment.
Geraldine Kang (Singapore) uses photography as a way of breaking the ice between her family members. By photographing various members of the family in situations and combinations that she had thought up beforehand, she persuaded them to talk about sensitive past events, became aware of her own position within the family and was able to show her family what it is like to be an artist.
In the hypnotic video My Men, Iztok Klancar (the Netherlands) puts the spotlight on his relationship with the two most important men in his life at this moment.
Isabelle Wenzel (Germany) often serves as a model for her own photos. She uses her body as a responsive form to record movements and almost impossible poses in surrealistic scenes.
In the presentation and publication First time forever, Sarah Eechaut (Belgium) studies the evolution of one of her own self-portraits.
Ever since he started taking photographs, Colin Gray (Great Britain) used his parents as models. Gray also documented every facet of the ageing process during the final phase of their lives: the ailments, the regular hospital appointments, medication, the changing role of his father as he gradually became a carer, and ultimately, the death of his mother.
Marina Richter (Germany) and Bruno Roels (Belgium) use visual essays to take their viewers on a tour of their lives, which take shape as installations.
Lina Scheynius (Sweden) has found an intuitive way of recording her life, whereby compilations in books and diaries play an important role.
Having personal experience of self-harming, Zhe Chen (China) went in search of other people in the same situation. She documented herself and the people she came into contact with via photography, writing letters and diaries.