De film agenda van het Nutshuis

  • Museumnight

    Film: The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner

    The main characters in Werner Herzog's movies are dreamers, thinkers and darers. The German cineast's camera thus captivates crazy deeds that often relate to the be...

  • Nutshuis Cinema

    Generations without boundaries

    Okay, time to own up: men have definitely had the upper hand in the film programmes so far at Het Nutshuis. So for the final months of the year, we’ve decided to ...

  • Nutshuis Cinema


    After the fiery ‘Sextember’ films, Hugo allows you to cool down in ‘Shocktober’ with a couple of tremulous horror movies. He uses horror in the broadest sen...

  • nutshuis Cinema


    After the summer break, film programmer and Filmkrant journalist Hugo Emmerzael will return to Het Nutshuis. Once again, he has decided to open the film season with...

  • Nutshuis Cinema

    Senses of Cinema: open-air films, concert & streetfood

    This summer’s Senses of Cinema open-air programme at Het Nutshuis cannot fail to get your juices flowing. It features four films with music at the forefront, acco...

  • Nutshuis Cinema


    Galerie Barbette in association with Nutshuis Cinema has organised a special programme about:  FEMME FATALE & FILM NOIR   The Femme Fatale has been leaving he...